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Take 5!

Take 5!

Friday, December 19, 2014


This year is the 12th year for KL Sogo t be the Gold Sponsor for Miss Tourism International pageant. KL Sogo is also the official department store for the said event.

KL Sogo is known as the largest stand alone department store in Malaysia with an impressive track record in retailing business and today, KL Sogo has proven itself to be more than just a shopping mall.

Like prvious year, KL Sogo hosts the Miss KL Sogo Trendsetter 2014, a subsidiary title of Miss Tourism International. 62 delegates from all over the world made their special appearance at KL Sogo and KL Sogo sponsored their shopping moments here. This year's title goes to Miss India and five other lucky girls selected for the Best Catwalk. They were Miss Costa Rica, Miss Portugal, Miss Namibia, Miss Australia and Miss Thailand.

Five other lucky girls selected for the Best Catwalk. From left, Miss Australia, Miss Namibia, Miss Portugal, Miss Costa Rica and Miss Thailand.

Group photo of contestants with sponsors and contest owner Datuk Danny Ooi.

Being one of the best in Kuala Lumpur, KL Sogo will continue to promote more exciting events such as the Miss Tourism International 2014 via our social network hubs so please do visit us often for more pleasant surprises.